Graphic & Design


Do you have an idea for your prints in mind but can't put it in black and white? Trust our Graphics department!

Our Graphics department deals with the graphic realization of all the prints applied on the fabrics, in advance of the printing in order to be able to identify strengths, problems and provide the customer with a graphic rendering of the yield in production.

We always provide the graphic rendering or "draft" to each customer before the actual realization of the prints in the laboratory, it has always been our practice in order to provide the customer with a sufficiently detailed point of view of the final result in order to always be on time for any corrections by the customer.

Our graphic designers will also be able to help you in the creation of logos and designs in electronic format, to shape your ideas of visual representation of your garments and be more and more your own brand.

We use the best and most up-to-date graphics and printing software, as well as constantly updated color charts to guarantee you a work that is always professional and in line with production standards, 100% supporting the final printing process.

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