Full Print Production

Full Print

Would you like a 100% customized garment, from the creation of the fabric to the printing? The answer is FULL PRINT!

If you want a garment customized in all its parts, from fabric production to printing, you are in the right place!

We create and customize garments from fabric to print, starting from the choice of the most suitable technical fabric, passing through its printing, up to assembly (cut and sewn) and packaging.

In addition to a high variety of technical fabrics, suitable for the greatest needs in the sports field, we can offer you an infinite variety of colors as the printing is in sublimation and in full print or on the entire surface of the garment.

In fact, full print printing allows you to print every single component of your garment, on the entire fabric, even before it is cut and sewn to give it the shape you've always dreamed of, making it 100% yours!

The wide range of chromatic possibilities is made possible thanks to sublimation printing, a modern printing technology that, through the high temperature thermal transfer of the color pigments, which "sublimate", allows them to bind indissolubly to the fabric, guaranteeing infinite chromaticity, an unrivaled level of detail and an eternal duration.

Our range of full-print products ranges from technical T-shirts for all sports and non-sports sectors, to tracksuits, clothing for volleyball, volleyball, cycling, basketball teams, sweatshirts and much more ... contact us for more information!